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Frequently Asked Questions

How may I give you your donation?

In Private: Please provide the dono in an unsealed white envelope at the beginning of our meeting in plain view. A good place is either a flat surface near the doorway or near the sink in the bathroom. Please don’t make me ask for it.

In Public: Please place in a gift bag, greeting card or envelope and offer at the beginning of our meeting. This way we can be immediately put at ease and begin to enjoy each other's company. 


If you think you may want to extend our rendezvous, please have the additional dono prepared. If my schedule permits, I would be happy to spend more time with you!

Please do not discuss donations via email, text or in person. My website is up to date and should address any questions you may have in regards to this. Donations are for my time and companionship. Anything that occurs beyond that is between two consenting adults.


How will you handle our encounter?

Discretion is extremely important to me. Your information and privacy will be treated with the utmost respect and care. I have no wish to compromise anyone’s personal life or affairs. I hope and will appreciate that you extend me the same courtesy.


I’m nervous about sharing my info, do I have to provide screening?

Yes. For your safety and mine, it is absolutely, 100% non-negotiable. Whilst I understand that this can be disconcerting, your information is handled with the utmost care and discretion, both via my secure screening form and encrypted email, and deleted upon our first meeting. I need to be completely at ease if we are to meet and that requires my screening of you.

 Are you newbie friendly?

Yes, absolutely! Please fill out my screening form or provide the requested info via email. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes I do! Please let me know before our date. I accept Square payments with discreet billing. Please note, there is a 7% charge for tax.


Are your rates negotiable?

Absolutely not. Please refrain from any attempts at negotiation; I find it offensive and will discontinue communication with you immediately. 

Are you available on short notice?

It is difficult for me to accommodate same day appointments and generally request at least 24 hours notice, but will be happy to oblige if my schedule permits. Please feel free to reach out and check!


 Do you partake in drinking or drugs during dates?

Light social drinking during dates is acceptable and welcomed, but drugs are not. I do not use drugs of any kind and ask that you not bring them, use them in my presence or pressure me to use them. If you do not abide by this, I will respectfully ask you to leave (if incall) or politely excuse myself (if outcall). If you arrive to our date under the influence, I again will respectfully ask you to leave (if incall), or politely excuse myself (if outcall). Please understand my feelings on this are non-negotiable. 


Can we meet briefly for coffee or cocktails to see if we're a good fit?

Yes, I would be very happy to meet with you! Please be advised, however, my regular donation applies as this is an arrangement of time with me.


Are your photos really you?

Yes. They are 100% authentic and recent. My reviews will attest to this.


Can you send me photos of you?

Discretion is of the utmost importance to me and, therefore, I cannot send pictures out; of my body or face. I lead a life outside of this and protect my privacy as much as I protect yours. The photos on my website are perfect examples of my beauty, and I promise that my face is just as beautiful as my form. My reviews will also attest to my appearance.


May I take photo or video of your during our visit?

Absolutely not. Please respect my stance on this and do not attempt to take any footage or photos during our visit. Just as I am respectful of your privacy, I wish you to respect mine as well. This is non negotiable. Please do not try to negotiate this or I will discontinue our interaction immediately.


Do you accept reviews?

If you would like to review me, please ask. I only accept reviews via Private Delights and The Erotic Review as they are reputable and regulated. If you’d like to review me elsewhere, please discuss with me first. 


What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Whilst I completely understand and respect that circumstances arise in life that are unavoidable, I do require a fee if you cancel in 24 hours or less before our date. A 50% forfeiture of your scheduled appt is required in order to reschedule with me.


What is your incall like?

I enjoy a calm, safe, intimate setting in 3 star + hotels. The lighting is low, with mildly scented candles and music. If you have any music requests, I'm happy to oblige as I enjoy all kinds. 

Please be aware, a separate deposit of 100 roses is requested to cover accommodations. If you are truly uncomfortable providing deposit, at my discretion, I may allow you to bring it with you to our meeting, but please understand this allays my concerns of a no call/no show situation if you do provide deposit


What will you be wearing when we meet?

I generally dress casual but sexy, especially for outcalls. If you have any attire requests, please let me know and I will be happy to try and oblige! 


How should I be dressed when coming to see you?

Business casual is preferred. 

If there are questions you still have that weren’t addressed here, please feel free to email me and ask! I don’t bite (unless you ask real nice)…

Thanks for reading...

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